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Ransburg RF 2

The RF-2 from Ransburg offers "Closed Loop" fluid control together with 2K and 3K Mixing. The Unit is ideal for robot or automatic applications where fluid control is required in addition to the mixing of multi component materials.

The unit can be used to mix multi component materials and control the fluid flow to a required "Set Point". The unit can also be used for fluid control only of single pack materials.

The unit is a three channel unit capable of controlling three single channels or one 2K

or 3K systems, the flexibility of the system allows a "Mix and Match" of channels allowing single channels to be used along side 2K multi channels.

Systems have been installed for solvent and water based coatings along with UV cured materials and soft feel coatings.

Sedco have large installed base with the units working on ABB and Fanuc Painting robots and vertical reciprocators.


Typical 2K Installtion feeding an ABB Painting Robot

MagicFlow 2.png

Binks Magic Flow 2

The Binks Magic Flow 2 is a versatile and flexible mixing solution designed to accommodate many low pressure or high pressure applications.

It supports a range of optional, functionality-enhanced modules to provide 2, 3 or 4K component mixing of a maximum 29 colours with up to 4 spray guns.

Use Binks Magic Flow 2's data capturing capabilities to monitor essential information such as paint consumption, flow rates, actual mix ratios, spray times and alarm events. Collect and monitor data through the standard Ethernet interface or view report information on screen.

Ensure you remain under your VOC emissions threshhold using the built in VOC calculator.

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binks gems.png

Binks GEMS Unit

The Binks GEMS unit is an entry level manual 2K unit. GEMS is operated through a large 7" touchscreen with readily identifiable icons to provide real time information such as flow rate, pot life, Current Mix Ratio and Current Colour.

On screen help is designed to assist operators with fault and troubleshooting rather than just meaningless codes.

GEMS data capture capabilities provide insights into your daily spraying process and audit your paint and solvent usage. GEMS is capable of storing data for distinct production jobs, recording spraying times, colour change information and A/B material ans solvent usage.

GEMS will support low pressure applications and up to 5 colours and can be configured for two spray guns.

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Wagner Twin Control

The Wagner range of Twin control units offer world leading technology in a self container 2K unit. The portable TwinControl is an economical, compact and easy to use system for a wide range of demands, including high viscosity material applications and high delivery rates.

The external Magnetic Stroke Meter is an effective alternative to gear flow meters and allow mixing ratios up to 20:1 with a high +/- 2% precision. As a result, TwinControl is the perfect solution to mixing and applying 2K materials in the wood, metal protective coating markets.

Automatic flushing with gun flush boxes is easily operated at the push of a button.

The TwinControl units are available in high and low pressure and can be used with electrostatic and non electrostatic applications.

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The AIS dispensing system system from Wagner (Patent Pending).

The AIS (Adaptive Injection System) automatically controls the dispensing valves stroke. The injection of the B components takes place in the new Wagner AIS in soft rhythms, almost without interruption. This leads, even before mixing, to a practically homogeneous addition of the "B" components. Until now, the injection via impulse was noticeably timed. In the case of the amount of paint flowing through, e.g. via a different number of guns or a recipe change, the dispensing system fully automatically ensures an optimal mixing ratio.


The Wagner AIS system is available on FlexControl Smart, FlexControl Comfort and TwinControl units, ensuring a homogeneous mix with minimum operator set up of the dosing valve. 

Wagner AIS dosing Control


Wagner 2K Smart

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PIC_EQU_2K Comfort.jpg

Wagner 2K Comfort

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The FlexControl Smart and FlexControl Comfort are the latest electronically controlled 2K machines from Wagner, both units can incorporate the AIS dosing control unit. The FlexControl Smart and have up to 5 "A" components, 2 "B" components, 1 "C" component, 2 flushing agents for "A" and 2 flushing agents for "B".

The FlexControl Comfort can be configured for up to 4 components and can have up to 25 "A" components, 10 "B" components, 10 "C" components, 10 "D" components, 10 flushing components for "A", 5 flushing components for "B", 5 flushing components for "C" and 5 flushing components for "D".

Both systems provide totals for all materials together with V.O.C. totals of the material used. The systems can be used on manual and automatic applications together with Electrostatic and non Electrostatic applications. Both systems can be configured to uses automatic gun flush boxes.


The Wagner Electronic 2K systems can also be used with stroke sensors where the use of gear flow meters is not practical making them the ideal solution for textured materials for example.

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