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Electrostatic Spraying systems offer considerable advantages for the coating process. The electrostatic principle means users can achieve higher transfer efficiencies resulting in material savings and reduced booth maintenance.  
Available in manual or automatic versions Electrostatic guns can be used with both solvent based and water based materials depending upon the model selected.

The Ransburg 168 machine mounted Electrostatic Bell applicator, high speed industrial class bell. The bell  comes with speed controller and high voltage power supply. Ideal for industrial reciprocators or industrial Robots.

The Ransburg EstaQuick,  Robot or machine mounted Electrostatic Air Atomised applicator, the Estaquick is designed for demanding industrial applications. The Estaquick is a lower cost solution where a more basic configuration than automotive is required.

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The Ransburg R90 is a "classic" style Electrostatic hand gun, the gun has a 90Kv voltage and air atomised technology. The R90 is a well established manual Electrostatic gun suitable for use in general industrial and automotive applications.

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The Ransburg Ransflex is a cordless air atomised Electrostatic hand gun. The Ransflex is a well established manual Electrostatic gun suitable for use in general industrial and automotive applications where a cordless gun offers less restrictions than a corded gun.

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The Wagner GA 5000 Air Atomisied Electrostatic gun together with the EGG 5000 Electrostatic control system is a automatic electrostatic system, available in air atomised technology or Air Assisted Airless these systems are suitable for machine mounting or robot mounting. The outfits offer complete external or internal control of the fan and atomising air.

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The Wagner GM 5000 range of electrostatic hand guns offer a corded system in Air Atomisied or Air Assisted Airless technologies. The VM 5000 control module provides a variable voltage with visual display of the voltage and microamps. Preset programs can be set to optimise the coating process for the operator. The units are available in Fan and round spray.

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The Wagner AquaCoat is a manual water based electrostatic system, using an isolated feed center, water based coatings can be applied successfully achieving all the benefits of solvent based application.

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